BACS-Taiwan Huayu Enrichment Programme


BACS administers a competitive scholarship programme on behalf of the Taiwan Ministry of Education for one-year, six month or two month language programmes at approved centres in Taiwan. Application deadlines are usually around March of each year, for studentships to be taken up that summer/autumn. For information about study in Taiwan, see


A monthly stipend of NT$25,000 is provided to cover fees and to contribute to maintenance expenses. The scheme is open to anybody who holds a full UK passport.


Applicants who are not currently studying Chinese at undergraduate level are encouraged to consider taking the TOCFL Chinese language test, more information on which is provided below.


Visit the following website for a list of Language Centres recognised by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan:


Application forms and information for the 2014-15 round of the BACS-Taiwan Huayu Enrichment Scholarships:

- HES 2014-15 Information (Foreign Students Information for UK Applicants 2014-2015)

- 2014 BACS Notes for Applicants

- Covering Sheet and HES Application Form

- Confidential Reference Form

- Frequently Asked Questions


Please note that technical issues prevent us from being able to upload the HES Application Form and Confidential Reference Form as Word files. If you download the files as PDFs here, you and your referees will then need to complete the form by hand and email a scanned version back. If you would like to have the documents as Word files (which would be more convenient for your referees because they can email the completed version directly back), please email Olivia Saunders at the Education Division of Taiwan Representative Office in London <>.

‘Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language’ (TOCFL)


The Mandarin language test officially recognised in Taiwan and implemented throughout the world, the ‘Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language’ (TOCFL) will be held in central London on Wednesday 19th February, 2014. Levels 2 (基礎級), 3 (進階級) and 4 (高階級) may be offered, although the exact schedule will be formulated in accordance with the demand for each level.


Those intending to apply for a language scholarship (Huayu Enrichment Scholarship) should consider sitting the TOCFL if they do not hold any formal Mandarin qualifications and are unable to demonstrate existing Mandarin ability through other means.


Those intending to apply for a degree scholarship (Taiwan Scholarship) to study in Taiwan are also strongly encouraged to take this opportunity to sit the test. If applying for a degree programme that is fully or partially Mandarin-taught, submission of a TOCFL certificate is mandatory during the scholarship application process. Furthermore, in the case of certain degree programmes at Taiwanese universities, a valid TOCFL certificate at Level 3 or higher is a fixed entry requirement.


The test will comprise two elements: Reading and Listening. All questions will be multiple-choice format, with each question representing one point. No deductions will be made to the total score for wrong answers. The TOCFL will be approximately two hours in duration (depending on level) and the cost is the test is expected to be £25.00 per candidate.


Exact times and location details will be confirmed shortly.


If you would be interested in registering for this test, please contact Olivia Saunders at the Education Division, Taipei Representative Office in the UK, at / 0207 436 5888. The deadline for registration is 15.00 on Monday 20th January, 2014.